Request for Provision of Flexible Cable Drawing

download●Please submit a range of diagrams showing the configuration and conditions about 20 mm from the tip of the flex and indicating general peripheral conditions near the flex.

---From our product line, we will propose an effective product.---

●Please submit a diagram that gives detailed dimensions for the contact part (land part) at the tip of the flex. Since the probe contact position is determined, it may not always contact your flex land. (Example: 0.3-mm pitch general specifications)
The probe is designed to come in contact with a point 0.7 mm from the tip side of the flex and a point 1.7 mm from the tip side of the flex.

About guide-part-only processing and sales

●Only the guide part of the product in the CCSE series, CCJF series, CCSS series, and CCAC series that you have used in the past is sold as a repair part. ●If you already have a clip connector and the shape of the target flex to be inspected has changed, the guide part of your connector will be processed separately upon request. (Note that if the pin count has changed for products in the CCSE, CCJF, CCAC, and CCSS series, a probe may need to be supplemented or pulled out of place.) ●When placing orders, prefix the Response Diagram Number with the product code "GCMO" for the CCMO series.
●Basic delivery timeframe: 3 days
●Price:US$37 per piece (individually processed guide for the CCMO and CCSE series)
●No volume discounts are available.

Converter board, relay flat ribbon cable, repair probe/socket

●Converter boards and relay flat ribbon cables convenient for relay are available.
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●This series for use with the 1.27 pitch relay flat ribbon cable (FCH series).

●Probes and sockets for repair are available.Repair Parts >>