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CCPO series

CCPO series

CCPO series

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product overview

■This product series offers custom-made items to accommodate customer specifications. They can meet usability requirements such as flexible or rigid printed circuits of various shapes, various pitches, and various pattern configurations.
They can also be fabricated for rigid printed circuits up to 1.6 mm thick as well as flexible printed circuits.
■We provide basic blanks that can accommodate almost any shape, any type of flexible array, and pitches exceeding 0.5 mm, as well as standard mechanisms for faster delivery. ■Rigid printed circuits include a positioning spot at the side of the board, and it can be fabricated if there are no fitting issues. ■For ease of wiring and replacement, it can be integrated with a flat ribbon cable (FRC) connector.

Discreate wiring type

FRC connector type  
Mounting an FRC connector >>Click here

Example Flex(FPC) wiring

Example Rigid printed circuits

In addition, these boards can be fabricated within the range of this series at no additional design cost if no special requests are included. We can respond to inquiries regarding special flexible or rigid printed circuits outside the range of this series. For special usage requirements, please contact us.

CCPO series lineup

●We can provide fast delivery of clips in widths of 20/30/40 mm in three types and five configurations.

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Target Example

●We offer the CCMO and CCSE series that accommodate non-straight flexible cable of 0.5 mm pitch, 0.8 mm pitch, 1.0 mm pitch and more than 10 mm pitch. CCMO Series>>click here CCSE Series>>click here

●We can fill orders for as little as a single clip from the individual custom-order CCSO series if no applicable item is available from the CCPO series for flexible cable.
Please contact us for details.

For more information, please contact us using the form at right. In the remarks column, please indicate "CCPO Series."

We will provide appropriate suggestions promptly.

We also accept inquiries by phone.

Mounting an FRC connector to the CCPO series

■For ease of replacement and wiring to the clip connector, a flat ribbon cable (FRC) connector can be used ■When custom ordering a clip connector, please indicate the wiring methods on the “Clip Connector Inquiry Sheet”. ■FRC connectors with pins in units of 10 can be mounted to back up the specified number of clip pins. ■For dimensions and diagrams after the clip was been mounted, please refer to the following table.

Price List

We will add the following prices when you order a CCPO Series unit
 (including wiring and assembling to the unit).

Integratable FRC

Custom order CCPO clip connector

Dimention A

Additional price
20 width
~30 pins
30 width
14~50 pins
40 width
22~60 pins
10 pins     32.2 23
20 pins   44.9 24
30 pins 57.6 25
40 pins   70.3 26
50 pins   83.0 27
60 pins   95.7 28

Dimention B

20mm 30mm 40mm - -

drawing content


  • 0.2mm
    • CCJF-020M series
  • 0.25mm
    • CCJF-025M series
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.4mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.8mm
  • 1.0mm
  • 1.25mm
    • CCS-125 series
  • CCPO series
    • CCPO series
  • PFC series
  • repair series
  • maintenance
  • Actuator Opener
  • HIROSE FH-58 Flex Insertion Tool

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