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PFC-050  0.5mm pitch





Main Specifications

●Rated current: 200 mA
●Operating temperature: 0 to 80°C
●Rated voltage: 20 V DC
●nsulation resistance: Minimum 100 MΩ
 (insulation resistance between two contacts)
●Withstand voltage: 100 V DC
●Durability: 3,000 cycles
(when used without opening locking lever)
●Durability figures are guidelines, not guarantees. Actual performance will depend on connector specifications and conditions of use.
※If you want to use the PFC series to the connector of the terminal there is no spring property, there is a possibility that the extremely poor durability. Please check the connector in advance.

Hold connectors close to the pins when inserting and disconnecting.

Note: Make sure total current does not exceed 6 A for products with more than 30 pins. (Current per pin = 6 A/Number of pins)

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price list

PFC-050-pin number
Products can also be made to order for other pin counts. Contact Yokowo for more information.

Proodut No. pin
Price (set of 10 in US $)
1 set2~9 sets10~24 sets25~49 sets
PFC-050-6 6 pins94888377
PFC-050-77 pins95898478
PFC-050-88 pins96908579
PFC-050-99 pins97928680
PFC-050-1010 pins98938782
PFC-050-1111 pins100958984
PFC-050-1212 pins102969085
PFC-050-1313 pins103979286
PFC-050-1414 pins104989387
PFC-050-1515 pins105999488
PFC-050-1616 pins1061009589
PFC-050-1717 pins1071029690
PFC-050-1818 pins1081039792
PFC-050-1919 pins1091049893
PFC-050-2020 pins1101059994
PFC-050-2121 pins11310710296
PFC-050-2222 pins11410810397
PFC-050-2323 pins11510910498
PFC-050-2424 pins11611010599
PFC-050-2525 pins117112106100
PFC-050-2626 pins118113107102
PFC-050-2727 pins119114108103
PFC-050-2828 pins120115109104
PFC-050-2929 pins122116110105
PFC-050-3030 pins123117112106
PFC-050-3131 pins127122116110
PFC-050-3232 pins129124118113
PFC-050-3333 pins132126120115
Proodut No.pin
Price (set of 10 in US $)
1 set 2~9 sets 10~24組25~49 sets
PFC-050-3434 pins134128123117
PFC-050-3535 pins136130125119
PFC-050-3636 pins138133127122
PFC-050-3737 pins140135129124
PFC-050-3838 pins143137132126
PFC-050-3939 pins145139134128
PFC-050-4040 pins147142136130
PFC-050-4141 pins152146140135
PFC-050-4242 pins154148143137
PFC-050-4343 pins156150145139
PFC-050-4444 pins158153147142
PFC-050-4545 pins160155149144
PFC-050-4646 pins163157152146
PFC-050-4747 pins165159154148
PFC-050-4848 pins167162156150
PFC-050-4949 pins169164158153
PFC-050-5050 pins172166160155
PFC-050-5151 pins176170165159
PFC-050-5252 pins178173167162
PFC-050-5353 pins180175169164
PFC-050-5454 pins183177172166
PFC-050-5555 pins185179174168
PFC-050-5656 pins189184178173
PFC-050-5757 pins192186180175
PFC-050-5858 pins194188183177
PFC-050-5959 pins196190185179
PFC-050-6060 pins198193187182

Extended delivery times apply to products indicated with an asterisk※

● Please use the product codes listed above when ordering.
●Please note that delivery times will be longer for orders of 10 units or more.Contact Yokowo for information on prices and delivery times.
●Volume discounts are available, based on the quantity purchased per order.

●Converter boards are also available. See above for more information.>>Learn more


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