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Product overviewGeneral Specification

■This product is a tool that can be quickly attached or removed with a touch of your finger to or from the board-to-FPC (board) connector mounted in place on an FPC.
■Unlike jig connectors, this product uses a probe for high durability and no waste generation.
■Up to 60 pins in 0.4-mm pitch are supported.
■Compact and lightweight, this product can be handheld during use. (It can also be kept stationary.)
■This product is manufactured using polycarbonate resin preprocessed for lasting protection against static charge (except for the floating guide and pin block).

Recommended for use in the following cases

Surface stiffening plate (top contact): the inspection item and the connector are mounted on the same plane (requires a connection to an extremely low-profiled connector) >>Learn moreBack stiffening plate (bottom contact): The inspection item and the connector are mounted on opposite planes (the inspection item and the connector are located in close proximity) >>Learn more ※For smartphone substrates and the like where the B-to-B connector cannot be connected to the edge of the substrate,
refer to the BBSP Series. >>Learn more


Connector mounting displacement absorption structure
Due to a structure that guides the connector external form as it is inserted, inspections are unaffected by mounting displacement between the connector and board (FPC).
Wide space for inspection item placement
The wide area allocated for mounting of the board (FPC) makes placing the inspection item easy.
Wide opening area
The opening part is expanded to improve working efficiency.
Probe protection structure
Surface stiffening plate: The guide shape is configured to prevent incorrect insertion of the inspection item.
Back stiffening plate: Since the guide tends to float, a structure has been adopted that prevents a probe from directly touching the connector when the inspection item is placed into position.
Floating lock mechanism
The guide part (floating guide) is configured so that it does not descend when the inspection item is placed into position. (Applies only at full-open time.)

Superior visibility
Height has been minimized, and the top front-end part is cut to improve visibility of the inspection item. By accounting for inspections by camera modules, we have devised a way to avoid affecting the angle of view.
* Angles of view up to 70° are supported even when the center of lens is close to a position 2.75 mm from the BtoB clip end face.

Probes can be swapped while leaving the base intact
Since the structure accommodates probes, when the base part is attached to an inspection device, the probe can be exchanged. This eliminates position adjustments at each probe replacement.
Positioning pins installable
A 2-mm diameter hole is provided for positioning pins opened to allow precise placement at a desired position.

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Example of inspection work

Probe contact position

Depending on the solidity of the solder applied, a probe with mild spring pressure is moved against the top of the connector terminal, rather than an instable connector lead.

product lineup

Pad-fitted type
for discrete wiring

Product No. CCBB-040T-pin number (surface stiffened)
Product No. CCBB-040-pin number

* Wiring soldering service is not provided.

FRC connector-fitted type

Product No. CCBB-040T-pin number-FRC (surface stiffened)
Product No. CCBB-040-pin number-FRC

BtoB connector mounting pad-fitted type

Product No. CCBB-040T-pin number-BB (surface stiffened)
Product No. CCBB-040-pin number-BB (back stiffened)

* Connector mounting service is not provided.

Made to compact dimensions suitable for clip connectors for flex use (M body)

Relationship between Pin Numbers and Fitted FRC Connectors

Target pin number Connectors used
10 to 32 pins HIF6-32PA-1.27DS
34 to 40 pins HIF6-40PA-1.27DS
42 to 60 pins HIF6-60PA-1.27DS

general specification

Maximum rated power MAX.10W
Maximum rated current 0.5A
Maximum rated voltage 50V(AC/DC)
Withstand voltage AC100V/1min
Insulation resistance MIN100MΩ
Contact resistance MAX.500mΩ (contact part)
Working temperature range 0~85℃


  • BtoB clip
    • CCBB series 60pins
    • CCBB-040T-pin nuimber
    • CCBB-040T-pin nuimber-FRC
    • CCBB-040T-pin nuimber-BB
    • CCBB-040-pin nuimber
    • CCBB-040-pin nuimber-FRC
    • CCBB-040-pin nuimber-BB
    • BM22
  • BtoB stamp
    • BBSP-040-pin nuimber
    • BBSP-040-pin nuimber-FRC
    • BBSP-040-pin nuimber-BB
  • interface connector
    • KN-HDM
    • KN-HDM-D
    • KN-HDM-MN
    • KN-HDM-MC
    • KN-USM
    • KN-USM-D
    • KN-USM-3
    • KN-USM-3-D
    • KN-USM-MC
    • KN-USM-MC-D
    • KN-USM-C
    • KN-DSP
    • KN-DSP-MN
  • small gauge coaxial clip connector
    • CCDJ-030-pin number
    • CCDJ-040-pin number
  • repair parts
  • maintenance

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