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SC series

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●Connect network analyzers and a variety of fixtures (inspection jigs) to effectively carry out inspections. ●Because our cables maintain their formed shape, once they are positioned and aligned with the device to be measured, they do not apply pulling tension to the fixture etc. This allows for easy inspection work. Cables come in the following 3 lengths: 0.5m, 1.0m and 2.0m (only the 1.0m cable comes with a K connector) Connectors are of the SMA and K connector types, and can be combined with a variety of plugs and jacks. All cables have an impedance of 50 Ω.


●Connecting to coaxial probes and measuring devices. ●Connecting probe connectors and network analyzers.

Nominal Specifications

Cable length is 1 m.

Product code. SC-SMA SC-K
Cable diameter φ6.3 φ6.3
Return Loss More than 20 dB ~18GHz ~20GHz
More than 16 dB   20~40GHz
Insertion Loss 3dB or less ~18GHz ~18GHz
3.9dB or less   ~40GHz
Cable Loss 2.9dB/m@18GHz 2.9dB/m@18GHz
VSWR 1.2dB or less ~18GHz  
1.35dB or less   ~40GHz
Delay time 4.35ns/m 4.35ns/m
Used Temperature Range(℃) -55℃~+105℃ -55℃~+105℃
Minimum bend radius 40 mm 40 mm

SC-SMA Example of Characteristic

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SC-K Example of Characteristic

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Method of specifying length

price list

Product Product code. Length Package unit Price (By total quantity per order): US$
1 2~4 5~9 10 or more
Soft 50Ω Cable SC-SMA-0.5-PP 0.5m 1piece 284 267 267 256
SC-SMA-1.0-PP 1.0m 1piece 300 295 289 278
SC-SMA-2.0-PP 2.0m 1piece 345 339 334 323
SC-SMA-0.5-PJ 0.5m 1piece 378 373 367 356
SC-SMA-1.0-PJ 1.0m 1piece 412 406 400 389
SC-SMA-2.0-PJ 2.0m 1piece 467 462 456 445
SC-K-1.0-PJ 1.0m 1piece 665 659 654 643

●Please order those products by product number. ●Bulk discount is given at the time of order. ●Duties and Taxes are not included in the price above.


  • Function probe
  • Microwave Compornent
  • Probe Connector
    • Probe Connector
    • TRL calibration board for the probe connector SMA
  • Giga Holder
    • Giga Holder
    • Option for Giga Holder
  • RF Test Table
  • Double Probing Table
  • Giga Cable
    • GC Series
    • GCNS Series
    • SC Series

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