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BNC çonnector Spec



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Use and Features

●This component is used to simultaneously connect the RF Output of the module to the plural measurement devices such as for output power measurement or spectrum measurement. ●BNC connector is used as output connector.

Nominal Specifications

Frequency Range 5~1000MHz
Coupling 10.5±0.5dB
Insertion Loss 1.5dBor less
Directivity 50-100MHz More than 15dB
100-1000MHz More than 10dB
VSWR 1.5 or less
Return Loss: more than 15 dB
Maximum Input Voltage 1W
Nominal Impedance 50Ω

Main Line Return

Coupling Port Return

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Main Line Return Insertion Loss


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price list

Product Product code. Package unit Price (By total quantity per order): US$
1 2~4 5 or more以上
Coupler COUP-005BN 1 piece 245 234 212

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