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Microwave Component


■This component has following merits to make the radio-frequency inspection system construction for production line easy. ・The component can be purchased singly with the price on the web-page by anyone, and delivered on the same-day
as the ordered date.
・Frequency range: DC - 10 GHz
The products required by RF, DC and IF are available.
・The connectors of the components with SMA specification are interfaced each other,
so no adaptive connector is needed to connect.


  SMA Connector Spec. BNC Connector Spec.
Divider DIV-2 DIV-2BN
Bias Tee TEE series TEE Series TEE-201 TEE-101BN
coupler Coup series COUP-202 COUP-005BN
detector DET-301
DC cut DCC series DCC-217 DCC-317
Attenuator ATT series ATT-F401 ATT-F402 ATT-F403
Impedance Converter TUN-4500


  • Function probe
  • Microwave Compornent
    • Divider DIV Series SMA Connector Spec.
    • Divider DIV Series BNC Connector Spec.
    • Bias Tee TEE-201 SMA Connector Spec.
    • Bias Tee TEE-101BNes BNC Connector Spec.
    • Coupler COUP-202 SMA Connector Spec.
    • Coupler COUP-005BN BNC Connector Spec.
    • Detector DET-301
    • DC Cut DCC Series
    • Attenuator ATT Series
    • Impedance Converter TUN-4500
  • Probe Connector
    • Probe Connector
    • TRL calibration board for the probe connector SMA
  • Giga Holder
    • Giga Holder
    • Option for Giga Holder
  • RF Test Table
  • Double Probing Table
  • Giga Cable
    • GC Series
    • GCNS Series
    • SC Series

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