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Bias Tee

SMA connector spec.

Bias Tee


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Use and Features

●Using this component, the DC bias can be applied to the module from RF output or IF of the module. ●This component is designed for low-power typed microwave module involving information technology.
(It can not be used for high-power typed module, e.g., for the base station.)
●SMA connector is used as output connector.

Nominal Specifications

Frequency Range Minimum: GHz 0.5
Maximum: GHz 6.0
Maximum Input Voltage: W 0.5
Nominal Impedance: Ω 50
In-Band Insertion Loss: dB <1
Return Loss:dB >10
Maximum Bias Current: A 0.2

Terminal Connection

Return Loss

Isolation Property (RF port / DC port)

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Product Product code. Package unit Price (By total quantity per order): US$
1 2~4 5 or more
Bias Tee TEE-201 1 piece 206 200 195

●Please order those products by product number. ●Bulk discount is given at the time of order. ●Duties and Taxes are not included in the price above.


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