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Gaga Holder

GK-HL10 has been discontinued.
Later model is PC sereis PC-SMA and PC-SMA-SR.



●Coaxial contactor used for making SMA connector horizontal at the edge of the board, instead of soldering, at the development/inspection with micro strip line board when product is developed ●The board is pressed against the core line of SMA connector. ●It could be connected to the edge of micro strip line board without soldering, and could be connected to the coaxial cable through SMA connector. ●1-M4TAP at the bottom side of the body to be fixed to the jigs is available. ●The thickness of corresponding board is from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm. ●Frequency range: ~ 10 GHz * The core line of Giga Holder horizontally sticks to the board line, so the property becomes steady and effective when it is used with fixed.


●For the inspection with micro strip line board when product is developed ●For the receiving inspection with micro strip line board

Example of Property

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How to measure

●The board property was measured with SMA connector soldered at the one side of the evaluated board and Giga Holder held at the other side. ●Soldering data was obtained after the property data of Giga Holder was obtained and SMA connector was soldered on the same board.

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Easy connection tool for substrate strip lines


GK-HLOC has been discontinued.



● The appropriate Giga Holder can be easily incorporated into the optional holder support fixture.
(Use M4 tap screws to secure the bottom of the Giga Holder to the optional holder support fixture.)
●The Giga Holder can be incorporated into the optional holder support fixture. To open, gently lift up the lever supporting the holder. ● With a total width of 15 mm, including the optional holder support fixture, the Gigabit Holder is the same width as the SMA connector. Each side of the extremely thin housing of the optional holder support fixture is only 1.15-mm-thick. ●You can maintain the Giga Holder in an open state by leaving the release lever in the same position. Thus, even one person can easily replace the substrate with one requiring contact in multiple locations.
(Securing the Giga Holder to a workbench or the like is recommended for more efficient use.) *Note: If the workbench is metal, you can place an electrical insulating material (such as plastic) between the fixing screws of the workbench and the housing in order to isolate the ground, or use conductive material (such as metal) in order to maintain a common ground.


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