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double probing table

Double Probing Table


1.5 months


* Some assembly required.
* The variable pitch differential probe in the photograph is sold separately.
>>Click here for information on the variable pitch differential probe.


Two-sided Probing

Two-sided Probing

Single-side Probing

Single-side Probing


This table offers a convenient way to use variable pitch differential probes or various
functional probes to perform repeated contact tests with high accuracy.
It can probe both the front and back of a circuit board.

●Boards measuring up to 310 mm long and 210 mm wide can be fixed vertically on the table and probed from both sides.
(Probing is possible within a 200 mm square.)
●Slide rails are provided on X, Y and Z axes for smooth and almost completely wobble-free movement. ●All operating parts are arranged centrally for easier operation. ●The X, Y and Z axes can each be locked, which is useful for performing repeated measurements. For example, only the Z axis needs to be moved when measuring a multitude of boards, allowing easy re-measurement simply by replacing the board. ●Various functional probes (having the product number prefix FCP) can be mounted, including variable pitch differential probes and coaxial probes (CPHF-C-3, C-1, C-0.5) for testing boards. ●When a radio probe is mounted to conduct transmission measurements in the circuit, this product makes it possible to maintain a specific distance between the board and the radio probe for greater convenience.

price list

Product Name Product Number Units per Package Unit Price (US $) per Order
1 unit 2–4 units 5 units or more
Double Probing Table RFTT-02 1 unit 6,500 6,112 5,889

●Please specify the product number when ordering this product. ●We offer discounted price for quantity orders. ●These products are intended for commercial customers, so prices exclude sales taxes.



  • Function probe
  • Microwave Compornent
  • Probe Connector
    • Probe Connector
    • TRL calibration board for the probe connector SMA
  • Giga Holder
    • Giga Holder
    • Option for Giga Holder
  • RF Test Table
  • Double Probing Table
  • Giga Cable
    • GC Series
    • GCNS Series
    • SC Series

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